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Helpful resources

Here is a collection of various helpful resources for your healing journey. 

Podcast on The Entheogenic Revolution with Martin Ball, PhD.
Is there another way to do psychedelic therapy that doesn't follow the standard model that's being developed by research institutions like MAPS? Steve Elfrink is here from OmTerra with a positive answer. 

Abstract of the PSIP model co-authored by Steve Elfrink.  A very in-depth, and informative dive into the PSIP model.

A brief introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy Founding developer, Richard Schwartz, gives an overview of the Internal Family Systems model.

Cannabis-assisted psychotherapy for complex dissociative posttraumatic stress disorder: A case report  Study on the PSIP model for structural dissociation

Interview with Steve Elfrink on JPR

Steve shares about an LSD expereince that saved his life

Psychedelic Somatic TherapySteve Elfrink
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The Healing Advocacy Fund hosted a webinar led by Bob Jesse on “Dosing, Potency, and Safety in Oregon’s Psilocybin Program.” You’ll hear from Dr. Nicholas Cozzi, a scientist and educator with background and training in pharmacology, chemistry, toxicology, and neuroscience, Steve Elfrink, HAF Safety Committee member, licensed facilitator, and recipient of largest psilocybin dose in a published clinical trial, and the founders of two licensed service centers and licensed facilitators, Dee Lafferty, from Inner Guidance Services, and Ryan Reid of Drop Thesis service center and advisor to Bendable Therapy.

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