FDA Study: Dose 1

I received the largest dose of psilocybin ever administered in a published FDA study.

FDA Study: Dose 2

I received the largest dose of psilocybin ever administered in a published FDA study.

FDA Study: Dose 3

I received the largest dose of psilocybin ever administered in a published FDA study.

When a Psychedelic Meets Dissociation

Most people walking around today have some level of dissociation tucked away in their system, this is an exploration into what happens when this is met with a psychedelic.

Words Cannot Describe – My First Ibogaine Experience

I ingested the Ibogaine in the evening of December 1st, 1997. After 45 minutes the first wave hit. I had no nausea with the Ibo coming on or through the entire journey. Then the second wave hit. The best way to describe the waves would be a freight train plowing through my energy field. During each wave there was an accompanying sound – something like thin fiberglass rods coming out of my ears that were whirling around just below the speed of sound. The second wave backed off. I then was in blackness and I could see my body lying in my bed as I floated away from it up to the ceiling. I passed through the ceiling into the night sky. I could feel myself going further up to the stars, then slowly descending through some trees I had never seen before. When I touched down on land I realized I was in Africa. I then felt my skull split open and hinged back. I looked up into the African night and saw two giant black hands pouring what looked like sand into my brain. It was shimmering down all around me and I realized it was the Ibogaine being poured into my brain. As the Ibogaine hit my brain I could feel/hear/see my brain lighting up like a switchboard. I was then back in my bed. The Ibo was seeming to say “Are you ready?” I was. The final wave was quite intense… After the third wave I felt as if my whole body was being violently shaken. I then had my whole body lifted off the bed by the Ibo and swung from side to side in a 300 degree arc. It wasn’t frightening. My sense was that the Ibogaine was showing me its power. It was powerful!


Webinar: Dosing, Potency and Safety in OR’s Psilocybin Program

The Healing Advocacy Fund hosted a webinar led by Bob Jesse on “Dosing, Potency, and Safety in Oregon’s Psilocybin Program.” You’ll hear from Dr. Nicholas Cozzi, a scientist and educator with background and training in pharmacology, chemistry, toxicology, and neuroscience, Steve Elfrink, HAF Safety Committee member, licensed facilitator, and recipient of largest psilocybin dose in a published clinical trial, and the founders of two licensed service centers and licensed facilitators, Dee Lafferty, from Inner Guidance Services, and Ryan Reid of Drop Thesis service center and advisor to Bendable Therapy.

A brief introduction to Internal Family Systems Therapy

Founding developer , Richard Schwartz, gives an overview of the Internal Family Systems model.

Abstract of the PSIP model

A very in-depth, and informative dive into the PSIP model co-authored by Steve Elfrink.

Podcast on The Entheogenic Revolution with Martin Ball, PhD.

Is there another way to do psychedelic therapy that doesn't follow the standard model that's being developed by research institutions like MAPS? Steve Elfrink is here from OmTerra with a positive answer.